Time to secede

Part of Oregon wants to join the state of Idaho? A group in southern Oregon is petitioning to move Idaho’s border west to include a portion of the beaver state.

Organizers of the ballot title say southern Oregon residents are ignored by lawmakers. The idea would include several rural counties: Josephine, Jackson, Coos, Douglas, Klamath and more.

Mike McCarter says rural counties tried voting legislators out, but are simply outnumbered. He believes becoming part of Idaho is a best resort.

“Idaho is very conservative in their rural values and beside the Boise area, most all of Idaho is rural. So they look at their counties differently and their people differently, as far as taking care of them,” McCarter said.

The Josephine County District Attorney prepared a ballot title, but there’s still many more steps needed, including gathering thousands of signatures and passing through Josephine County Court.

McCarter says the idea is gaining support and they plan to continue their efforts to make this happen. According to the prospective petition, the last time state lines were moved was in 1961. 

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