Watch – Antifa protestors perform ‘march of terror’

Antifa wants a war


Journalist and photographer Andy Ngo says the actual day of the US election there was not as much violence from far-left protestors as was expected, but the night after there was a “march of terror”. “The election night was relatively subdued … there wasn’t as much violence as was predicted by myself and others,” Mr Ngo said. “But tonight, as of a few hours ago, there was mass violence downtown. “I called it a march of terror, a group of several hundred marauding militants went through the heart of downtown, smashing property and businesses one by one.”

We’re in a cultural Cold Civil War and its about get Hot!

Pray For Peace
Pray For Peace

The far left are opening a can of worms that they cant handel.

List Of A Few Far Left Anti Capitalist Gangs With Membership Calling For Open War

Black Lives Matter
Liberation Road
Socialist Alternative
Organizing for Action
Refuse Fascism
Revolutionary Communist Party
Democratic Socialists of America
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Socialist Unity Party
Workers World Party
Communist Party USA

I Want You to Back The Blue Stickers
I Want You to Back The Blue Stickers

ABC Investigation – Biden is corrupt

Where did Hunter Biden get his urges?
Where did Hunter Biden get his urges?